240 Watt Series

GJ240WD Series Desktop Power Supply

General Specification
♦ 240 Watts AC-DC switching desktop power supply
♦ 9V to 55V,0.01A to 17.0A output
♦ Energy Efficiency Level VI(88.0% Min,At 115/230Vac)
♦ Over-load and short circuitprotection,100% burn-in test
♦ 3 years lifetime warranty
♦ Safety certificates:      

Electrical Specification
♦ Input
Characteristic Minimum Norminal Maximum Unit Notes
Input Voltage 90 100-240 264 VAC  
Input Current 1.5Amps Max. below norminal input voltage and DC output         A  
Input Frequency 47 50~60 63 Hz  
Inrush Current No damage shall be occurred and the input fuse shall not be blown up. Cold start at 240VAC input, with rated load and 25℃ ambient
Earth Leakage Current     250 μA 264VAC,50~60Hz

Characteristic Minimum Norminal Maximum Unit Notes
Output Voltage 9   55 VDC  
Load Regulation     ±5 %  
Line Regulation     ±2 %  
Start Up Delay     3 S 115VAC
Rise Time     40 mS 115VAC
Hold up time     5 mS 115VAC
Overshoot     15 % at Turn on/Turn off
Overload Protection     160 % auto recover
Short -circuit Protection         auto recover
Thermal Protection         auto recover
Ripple and Noise     150 mV p-p  
Note: At 115/230VAC 25 input and output Min. and Max. Load, the ripple and noise are as above when measure with Max. Bandwidth of 20 MHz and parallel 47uF/0.1uF, crossed connected at testing point.

Environmental Requirements
Characteristic Minimum Norminal Maximum Unit Notes
Operating Temperature 0   40  
Storage Temperature -20   60  
Humidity 5   90 %RH operating,non-condensing
Dropping Packed                  
Drop the height is 1000mm.                
The horizontal surface Consists of hardwood at least 13mm thick, mounted on two layers of   
plywood each 19mm to 20mm thick, all supported on a concrete or equivalent non-resilient floor.                
Operating: IEC 721-3-3 3M3                
5-9Hz, A=1.5mm                    
(9-200Hz, Acceleration 5m/S2)                 
Transportation: IEC 721-3-2 2M2               
5-9Hz, A=3.5mm                                                                                                                                                                                          
 9-200Hz, Acceleration = 5m/S2              
200-500Hz, Acceleration = 15m/S2              
Axes, 10 cycles per axis                
 No permanent damage may occur during testing.          
The SAMPLE has to restore to its original situation after power off/on…      

Safety & EMC Requirements
Dielectric Strength Hi-Pot:
Primary to secondary: 4242VDC/5mA/60S for type test.
Insulation Resistance:
Primary to secondary: 20MΩ Min at 500VDC.
EMI Standard
Meet the limits of:
♦ FCC part115 class B rules
♦ EN55022 class B rules
♦ GB9254-1998, GB17625.1-2003
♦ AS/NZS CISPR22:2006